PR Consulting

Senior strategic communication advice that cuts through the noise and delivers tangible business value.

Strategic communication consulting advice and execution

The power of professional, purposeful and transparent communications has never been more evident. Reputation and trust have never been more important.

3cPR works with clients that recognise this value of PR and communication in building and protecting an organisation’s reputation across all stakeholders. 

We bring a strategic approach to solving your communication challenges. We immerse ourselves to get a deep understanding of the business imperatives and your competitive environment and then work with you to build your narrative; identify issues and themes you want to own; and develop creative execution ideas to build your brand awareness and reputation among all stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

A strategic roadmap grounded in data and research to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Media Relations

Proactive and reactive media engagement to support your business goals.

Content Creation

Content that cuts through; tailored for the audiences and channels that matter for your business.

Issue Preparedness and Crisis Management

Preparing the business ahead of issues occurring and helping your brand emerge stronger when crisis do emerge.

Internal Communications

Engaging internal communication content and implementation of change communication programs.

Messaging and Positioning

Identifying your brand purpose, positioning and topics to own. Developing tailored messaging to stand out from the crowd.

Media Training

Preparing CEOs and senior executives to present authentically and effectively to media.

Measurement & Evaluation

Measurement audit and real-time dashboards to showcase the value of communication programs.

Why 3cPR?

Beyond a light-hearted play on 3CPO from Star Wars; the three ‘C’s - Consult, Create, Connect - reflect our foundation values of building deep, trusted relationships. It is through these relationships we bring knowledge, experience and advice to make a tangible impact through strategic communications.

What our clients have to say