PR Measurement

Proving and improving the value of your PR program.

Big data and CommTech have never been so powerful

It is the most common question asked of communication professionals – how do we measure the value and impact of our communication program?

The Communication Dividend® is an Australian-first customised measurement platform that helps organisations answer these questions and allows agencies to demonstrate the value of their PR programs.

This cloud-based platform integrates and automates data from across your all communication and marketing channels – Earned, Social, Paid and Owned – providing a single, real time view of the PR/comms/marketing metrics that matter for your organisation.

As a passionate advocate for measurable campaigns, and a believer in the power of big data and CommTech to help drive this, Paul Cheal, as Managing Partner and CEO, has thrown his support behind The Communication Dividend as the way forward for PR measurement.

With solutions for both PR and marketing agencies, as well as organisations, The Communication Dividend offers the opportunity to provide a cost effective and customisable solution to answer the measurement conundrum.

The Communication Dividend

Designed by communication professionals for communication professionals, The Communication Dividend is the missing link between business strategy and communication strategy, making it the first measurement approach that puts organisations and their strategies at the centre of the communication measurement and evaluation equation.

The ultimate “dividend” for communication is achieved by linking communication performance to business purpose through our unique integrated approach.

The Communication Dividend links the value of communication to business purpose.

Why 3cPR?

Beyond a light-hearted play on 3CPO from Star Wars; the three ‘C’s - Consult, Create, Connect - reflect our foundation values of building deep, trusted relationships. It is through these relationships we bring knowledge, experience and advice to make a tangible impact through strategic communications.