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Smoke Signal is Australia’s first podcast dedicated to the PR sector.

Hosted by 3cPR founder Paul Cheal, the podcast features in depth conversations with practitioners, academics, leaders and influencers discussing the latest issues, trends and best practice from across the profession.

Why Smoke Signal?

Smoke Signals are one of the oldest forms of communication. They have long been used to signal danger, share news or gather people. Very much what public relations professionals do today.

Smoke Signal also signifies the myth and mystery that surrounds the public relations profession.

This podcast dives into the dark arts of public relations to showcase the people, the work and the creativity that represents the profession today.

Dan Wilcock

Communicating your ESG narrative

In this episode I am joined by Dan Wilcock, Sustainability and Governance Manager for the UN Global Compact Network Australia.

The UN Global Compact Network may be the biggest movement you haven’t heard of.

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Scott Brinker

The Rise and Rise of Martech

Scott Brinker, a.k.a Chief Martech, is the author of the pioneering Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. First launched in 2011 with 150 tools, the latest 2023 version now features a barely believable 11,038 tools and technologies.

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Stuart Bruce

The Tech-Revolution in PR

PR Futurist Stuart Bruce shares his insight on how tech is impacting the practice of public relations. Regardless of what you call it – CommTech, CommsTech, PRTech, one thing is clear, technology is impacting the practice of public relations…

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Andrew Bruce Smith, AI in PR

AI in PR

2023 will be the year of AI. It has been impossible not to get caught up in the ChatGPT tsunami. To cut through the hype and the noise, in this episode I speak to UK based digital and data PR expert Andrew Bruce Smith…

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Laura Sutherland

PR & the Climate Crisis

We are six months on from COP26, where the outcome didn’t match the hype. Against this backdrop we take a timely and much needed deep dive into the role of the PR industry in helping to inform, educate and navigate this global climate crisis….

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Why 3cPR?

Beyond a light-hearted play on 3CPO from Star Wars; the three ‘C’s - Consult, Create, Connect - reflect our foundation values of building deep, trusted relationships. It is through these relationships we bring knowledge, experience and advice to make a tangible impact through strategic communications.